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In 2011, PEG opened its doors to the South African skate scene; working with professional skaters, photographers, designers and videographers who have contributed to its unique culture and attitude.

PEG has established itself as a skate enterprise known for its quality, style and authenticity. All boards are designed in South Africa, with distributors in South Africa, UK and Reunion Islands.

The story behind PEG

PEG was founded in Durban, South Africa; a city with a laid-back coastal lifestyle, which gave the brand a sense of style and way of being. Embodying downtown culture, PEG has played an integral part in regenerating the South African skate scene.

In 2009 the idea of creating a brand that would depict its hometown was born. After months of brainstorming, PEG was launched in October 2011.

The skate enterprise filters what the world has to offer through a local African lens, creating that unique coastal living look. That’s how PEG grew and that’s how it continues to exist. No matter how international its influences are PEG will always be distinctively Durban.